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PreDumb Out Now Unofficially On The QT

In case you didn’t know, my new book PreDumb: Before I Came to LA is now out, online so far at least. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, all the usual haunts. Click on the links to go forth and have a gander. Otherwise go into your nearest book store and demand the speed up their orders.


Aug 25, 2011Hollywood, Ireland, LA Living, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book, Writing7 Comments

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon So this is pretty mighty… You know what this means, right? I now win a million dollars! Wuu huu! Right? Huh? Ahem. Dance on! Book two all the way!!! Keeping The Dream Alive – Munchener Freiheit

The World’s Greatest Fencer!

Mar 08, 2011LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Stand-Up, Writing4 Comments

Nothing In My Way – Keane Apparently the world’s greatest ever fencer is Aldo Nani. You know, the Italian guy. Yeah, him. Google’s greatest fencer of all time. Let’s say you decided one day you wanted to become the next greatest fencer the world has ever seen. At the very least, one of the best