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Hollywood Hayes

Hollywood Hayes – Old People

You see a lot of things in West Hollywood. Today, for example, I saw a hefty, blimp shaped man wearing nothing but a long brown wig and pink thong bikini while cycling his bicycle. Always nice when you’re strolling to the shop for milk. Hardly ever see old people here, though. Not like the sweet

You’re F**King Joking Me?

What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye So the other day I got this wonderful letter in the post from a blogaruu reader which I thought I would reply to… ‘Howdy, Just wanted to say great hair! Also. What have you been up to lately? Goodbye for now, Murk Waters.’ Howdy yourself, Murk Waters, great to

Santa Touched Me. Felt. Liked. Christmas!

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If It Wasn’t For You – Various Cruelties Dark. Dreary. Drab. Depressing. Dire. Dismal. Doleful. Dreadful. Downer. Dose. Big bulbous buckets of gushing water. Tut. The week before Christmas the rain held a reign of terror over L.A. Brutal. In every way. I know. But it did. People can’t cope. Simply melt away at the

Drunk. Sober. Write? Wrong.

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Started at five. Moved onto six. Broke through the seven. Now dancing past eight. My night owl is soaring at the moment. Sleeping times are on their head. Night is now day. At least the book is being churned out. Churn on. Cave-like lifestyle. Living in and running around my head. Which I’ve realised has resulted


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We’ve all been there before. You go out, have a few drinks, meet a truck, its dark in the club, the truck looks well. Then you wake up the next morning, paint and make-up scrawled all over the place, fake tan all over your sheets, rust everywhere, this was not the same Love Truck as