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My Bleak Week.

July – Mundy Bleak. Reek. Eek. What a week. Funk me, eh, peek. So I’m out Sunday night doing stand-up in a placed called Flappers out in Burbank. Sound people in charge. No apeness. No ridiculousness going on back stage. All good. First time doing a gay centric show. Didn’t realise it was one until

Save The Dolphins!

Oct 02, 2009Music, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

Last night I made the conscious decision to do absolutely nothing. After a day of re-writing, I was fairly tired. Kind of. Decided to take the night off from the gym. The night off from doing the blog. As opposed to not being able to do them, for whatever reason. Usually involves a tipple or

To Know, Or Not To Know?

Sep 28, 2009Ireland, Music, Random Ramblings0 Comments

Be honest, how often do you bathe yourself? Not shower, but actually take a bath? Hardly ever, I presume. A few people might insist that they regularly have baths, as they are so relaxing and so great. Granted, they are relaxing (ish). And great (boring). But sure you do. Sure. (Now that I think of it,