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My One Night Stand…

Miss You – The Rolling Stones Very sad day. Just took down my Christmas tree. Meant to do it last weekend but I couldn’t bear the thought/too lazy. Now it’s down. Meaning Christmas is over. Done. Dusted. Out. Buried. No more. Hard to take. Although the thing is: Does Christmas ever even start in LA? Ehh…

New Book. Naked. Cover… RANDUMBER!

Dec 23, 2011Book, LA Living, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book, RanDumber, Writing4 Comments

We’re Walking In The Air – Peter Auty Mighty news: I kind of finished my second book… RANDUMBER! Wuu huu! Full title of the mighty beast: RanDumber: The Continued Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA! I say kind of finished because I still have to do the final read through and read over the final