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Hollywood Hayes

Hollywood Hayes – Pikeys

  My uncle Frank told me a story about how one day his trailer was stolen from his house in Tipperary. Frank phoned the police. Made a report. Few days later two guys showed up at his door asking him if he wants to buy a trailer – The very trailer that was stolen. Not

Mark Hayes

Ah For Book’s Sake! Podcast

New book related podcast. First episode’s guest is Mark Hayes, author of RanDumb: The Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA, RanDumber: The Continued Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA and new book PreDumb: Before I Came to LA.

Tropical Hayes!

Tropical Hayes!

For reasons unknown, all names shall be culled from this blogaruu. Except for mine. I’m going full on narcissistic. Tropical Hayes all the way! So it’s the day after Halloween. Actually, the night. Limo pulls up outside my abode. It’s time. Put on my private jet pants. Grab my bag. Scuttle out. Hop in. High fives.


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You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon So this is pretty mighty… You know what this means, right? I now win a million dollars! Wuu huu! Right? Huh? Ahem. Dance on! Book two all the way!!! Keeping The Dream Alive – Munchener Freiheit

Rise Of The Ape!

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Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat Interesting news. All aboot the rise of a certain ape. Betsy. Randumb has been climbing the Amazon top rated Humour charts like there’s no tomorrow! Chart topping. Show stopping! Notified that it was in the top 40. 30-something. Hmm. Interesting. Few places above Tina Fey’s book. Sure she’s gutted. Checked

Buy My Soul!

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Monday was a mighty day. Ridiculous. Raised the limbo of mightiness. On every level. Honestly. One of the randumbest days I’ve had ever. Buckets of fun. Buckets of no way. Buckets and buckets of funking nuts. More nuts. And then even more nuts. All fun and games. Until I got punched. In the buttock. And