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Hollywood Hayes

Hollywood Hayes – Pikeys

  My uncle Frank told me a story about how one day his trailer was stolen from his house in Tipperary. Frank phoned the police. Made a report. Few days later two guys showed up at his door asking him if he wants to buy a trailer – The very trailer that was stolen. Not

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The Insider’s Chancer Guide to Hollywood

  (Article of mine that was in the Examiner recently ->Read on!) For the sake of your holiday needs, I’m just going to assume you’re single/a young couple/just married and bored already thinking oh no I thought this would make my life more interesting but no/married with kids and wondering where it all went wrong


Tough Life at Sea…

Here be an article I wrote that was in the Examiner last week. Front page too. Wuu. Ways to Go – Grouplove Imagine you are a fish, swimming in an ocean filled to the brim with other fish who are a lot like you but better in many ways. And instead of not wanting to be

Stop. Press. Print!

This Must Be The Place (Viceroy Edit) – Talking Heads Mighty weekend. Went to a secret sale on Friday. Bought a pair of $200 jeans for $5. Came home. Tried them on. Drove my foot through the crotch. Down to the knee. Ripped jeans apart. Mighty. Money’s Worth Hayes, they call me. DJigged Friday and

Free The E!!!

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Murmurs Of Middle-Earth – Pogo Short and sweet. First of all, remember I gibbered on before about free books for all? Well. How about some ebooks for some?! Simply Facebook status or tweet this simple tweet to be in for a chance to win. Leave a comment to say you’ve done it! I’ll horse out