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Jiggling Jugs!

May 24, 2011Enough Talk, Hollywood, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

No Diggity – Chet Faker  Tough week. Realised a few things. Such as: My ability to make women puke is still going strong. Take yesterday. Setting up to DJig. Girl comes over to me. Big. Drunk. Mexican. (Big as in overweight. Drunk as in demented. Mexican as in Meximerican.) Stands in front of me. Starts

The Not So Typical Day Of An Irish Guy In LA…

May 18, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book, Writing0 Comments

Starlight – The Supermen Lovers Last Friday I had an early morning interview with the Sunday Independent (Irish newspaper). Feature of some sort. Not too sure what it was for. Either way. Mighty stuff. Good to go. Wake up. Answer the phone. How’s it going. First question. Only question. Eh. Balls. I don’t know the

More On! Moron…

May 12, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing4 Comments

If You Got The Money – Jamie T Did you know… Book two is in full flow? Well. Maybe not full flow as in I’m gushing. But full flow as in I’m beyond leaking. No looking back. Not sure why I got so hung up on the flow metaphor. Not even that time of the

So There I Was… P’Peuu Pe’Peww!

Apr 19, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

Got Some Teeth – Obie Trice So there I was… DJigging. Rodeo Drive. Ivanka Trump party. Showcasing her new jewelry collection. Diamonds crusts everywhere. Swanky. Classy. Plus. Me. Suited. Booted. Looking slick at least. Kitted out in my mighty Reiss suit. Perk of DJigging fashion events. Free clothes! Dancing. Although. Tad tight. Slim-fit-as-funk kind of tight suit. Anyways.

How Did Stella Get Her Groove Back… ?

Apr 13, 2011LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) – Phoenix Just got back from DJigging a big charity event. Also known as a D lister party. D-listers. D-lusters. Reality show heads. Famous ex-wives. People in commercials. Rich old men. Young empty women. Desperate older women, out looking for husbands. Empty. Vapid. Fake. Gift bags. Mighty fun! Thank funk I

Oh Betsy…

Jan 03, 2011Acting, Art, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book, Stand-Up, Writing6 Comments

Everything Is Everything – Lauryn Hill Rattled, to say the least. New Year’s. Cat allergies. Ape man flu type thing which keeps rearing it’s horrendous head. Not feeling the May West. Betsy. Brain is working at 10%, at most. Now would be a great time to mock me. Probably have a comeback thought of by

TGIFTG… Turkey On!

Nov 29, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Stand-Up, Writing2 Comments

Rollin’ & Scatchin’ (Chilly Gonzales Rework) – Daft Punk While Ireland is being battered by all angles at home, it seems, I too have some important news to start off with: Got a hair cut this week. As opposed to a haircut. Hairdressers truly do baffle me. Ask for one thing, forced to deal with the

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

My plan for the weekend: Write. Big bucket load. That’s it. Back on the horse. Giddy back up. Stream of consciousness. Gibber on. Ramble. Flow. Let’s go! All that. So that was the plan! Pumped! Write on! Wuu! Here’s what I did instead…  Friday: Somehow somewhere at some point in the night I lost my ATM

Dancing With Leperchauns

Mar 19, 2010LA Living, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

Maybe I’m just a wee bit of a funking idiot. Maybe it’s just because I had an average day and night. Maybe I just didn’t celebrate it the right way. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to go to a parade. Or. Maybe. Perhaps. Paddy’s Day. Is. Quite over-rated. Ridiculously so? Maybe if I was American.

Vaseline. Alley. Riding. Carrots.

Feb 19, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings4 Comments

Not too sure what a typical Valentine’s Day consists of… Bed. Breakfast. Chocolates. Flowers. Wining. Dining. Whining. Drunk. Lingerie. Hip hip hooray? Not too sure. Mine was similar enough to that. Ish. Kind of. Not at all. More like a typical Sunday. Back in the pre-cave days. Hand bags. Man bags. Russian. Riding. Chinese. Haggling.

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