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Hung Like A Horse!

Oct 16, 2012Hollywood, LA Living, Mark Hayes, Music, Random Ramblings, RanDumb, RanDumber, Writing1 Comments

Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis It’s a Sunday night. You’re sick of talking to banterless clowns in dead bars. So you go to a liquor store. And end up down an alley. Trying to have a laugh with some homeless guy. Who’s trying to take a drink from your brown paper bag. Life.

Wingless Wonder

Dec 08, 2010Enough Talk, LA Living, Podcast, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book0 Comments

My ability to blogaruu is currently being hampered by other projects. And perhaps a 3-day hangover to boot. Ugh boots off. Projects on! Good few stories building too. Laziness is a divil. Go on the VIP at the Lakers! She shall come. For now. Pod on, pod on, pod on pod on pod on pod on

Battered. Goats. Bruised. Monkeys.

Apr 12, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings2 Comments

Sunday nights. Fun times. Numerous reasons. Need to postpone one thing in particular for as long as I can. Gibber on. Sunday nights. Time to look over the weekly to-do list. Usual. See what I managed to get done. Tick. What I did not do. Tut. Pity. X. Then write in random pointless stuff not

Gazing With Boars

Feb 02, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

Without really realising it, it went from being Friday, to being Tuesday. You could say the past few days have been a bit of a daze. You could. But not really true. More that I’ve just been in a daze. For the past few days. I know why too. But I’ll get back to that.

Owen’s Bad. You’re Worse.

Nov 05, 2009LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings0 Comments

Now that I have detoxed from all the booze from the first three days, I can see the light again. About time. Ditched my enemy. Out to sabotage me. Doing his best to freak me out. Good old Owen. He did well yesterday. If Saturday to Tuesday were the best cluster of days I’ve had

Go Away!

Oct 31, 2009Ireland, Music, Random Ramblings0 Comments

Drunk packing is not a great idea. If you do ever try it while under the influence, you might end up with two odd runners, a Playstation, a tie, pair of jeans and two shirts. Thankfully, that flight to Germany was cancelled due to fog, so I ended up having a second attempt at that

Bought A Bucket, Lost A Phone, Brought Back From The Edge…

Mar 02, 2009Uncategorized0 Comments

This past weekend has been eventful to say the least. This post has nothing at all to do with acting, purely the randomness of LA. If I was writing about 5 hours ago I would say it has been pretty horrific. However, now that my hangover is almost gone it doesn’t seem as bad.. Ill