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My McRib

Sep 05, 2012Hollywood, LA Living, Mark Hayes, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

All Night Long – Lionel Richie It’ll be all white on the night! Ha ha, should be good all right. We’ll be dancing all night long (all night), all night long (all night)! One of the downsides of booking me to DJ a big White Party is that those phrases will keep popping out of my

It Was All A Dream… (Part II)

It Was All A Dream… (Part II)

Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc ‘Hey mon… Hey womon… Hey wom-on, come sit on my lap wom-on. I take good care of you my wom-on, OK. You no need to worry about any of that no more my wom-on. You be my white prin-cess…’ Within an hour of landing, I had become a fully fledged Pirate of the

Jewish, Single… Ready To Mingle?!

Sep 01, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Stand-Up, Writing4 Comments

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon Have you ever had to ask yourself: Am I anti-Semitic? I have. So tonight started off with myself and my buddy Chowder DJing at the London Hotel. Up on the rooftop. Pool party. Savage spot. You know the one, just featured in the last episode of

The Not So Typical Day Of An Irish Guy In LA…

May 18, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book, Writing0 Comments

Starlight – The Supermen Lovers Last Friday I had an early morning interview with the Sunday Independent (Irish newspaper). Feature of some sort. Not too sure what it was for. Either way. Mighty stuff. Good to go. Wake up. Answer the phone. How’s it going. First question. Only question. Eh. Balls. I don’t know the

Duh Dumb Diddle Daddle…

Sep 01, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Stand-Up, Writing4 Comments

Just to be clear: Here is a dumb diddle daddle on how the dumb diddle daddle. Seriously. Alright. You’re smart. We know this. You’re quite aware of the fact that there’s a lot of dumbness floating aboot the air. Out there. Real world. Daily life. Every single day. Every single way. All could and should be

Go Flow Go

May 17, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings2 Comments

A wise old owl once told me: Go with the flow. Seeing as when you do, random, dumb fun things can happen. Friday night, prime example. Last minute, off the cuff, unexpected, unplanned. All of the above. Smattered with hype. Not the greatest night or anything. Just random and quite dumb at times. Galavants are

Drunk. Sober. Write? Wrong.

Jan 11, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

Started at five. Moved onto six. Broke through the seven. Now dancing past eight. My night owl is soaring at the moment. Sleeping times are on their head. Night is now day. At least the book is being churned out. Churn on. Cave-like lifestyle. Living in and running around my head. Which I’ve realised has resulted

Blinder, Deafer, Dumber

Oct 27, 2009Music, Random Ramblings6 Comments

I have a bad feeling that DJ’ing might be numbing a few of my senses. Sight is one issue. Due to a technical issue on Sunday night the only light available in the DJ booth was the glow from my laptop. Looking at that beam while otherwise shrouded in darkness. Attempting to use my phone

Mr Jones!

Oct 19, 2009Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

I realize I have an annoying problem. Well, one more to the list. Have you ever started something, then finished it just for the sake of finishing it? No other reason. You do not want to finish what you’ve started. But for some dumb reason, you feel like you have to. For example, you take