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Christmas Dog

Christmas Clown

Blue Christmas – Elvis I’m like a dog. Pavlov’s one. Conditioned to beg or eat or do something every time he heard a bell. Except my bell is Christmas. And I’m conditioned to have a laugh. I blame Ireland. Don’t think I’ve ever had a bad Christmas back in Ireland. From growing up as a

A Hollywood Christmess Story

In Dulci Jubilo – Mike Oldfield Merry Christmas RanDummies and mighty blogaruu readers! Hope you are still getting your turkey sweats on. While you do, why not enjoy this piece which I wrote for an Irish paper recently. Pants off. Trifle. On! A Hollywood Christmess Story Is that Slash? Hmm. Is he looking at me?

This Is What Mass In WeHo Is Like…

Chapter 15  Wigs, Wine & Weirdos “Oh God. Why am I holding this man’s hand?” ’Twas the night before Christmas Eve and all was… Dead. First Christmas away from home. Away from the family. Away from my Mum’s mighty Christmas dinner. Aww. Poor little Merrick. Woe is me. All week I’ve been constantly asked, “Will

New Book. Naked. Cover… RANDUMBER!

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We’re Walking In The Air – Peter Auty Mighty news: I kind of finished my second book… RANDUMBER! Wuu huu! Full title of the mighty beast: RanDumber: The Continued Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA! I say kind of finished because I still have to do the final read through and read over the final

Santa Touched Me. Felt. Liked. Christmas!

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If It Wasn’t For You – Various Cruelties Dark. Dreary. Drab. Depressing. Dire. Dismal. Doleful. Dreadful. Downer. Dose. Big bulbous buckets of gushing water. Tut. The week before Christmas the rain held a reign of terror over L.A. Brutal. In every way. I know. But it did. People can’t cope. Simply melt away at the


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Tonight is all about random ramblings. As of late, I have been pretty cooped up. And when I’m cooped up, I find my gibberdish begins to over-flow. Flowing beyond belief tonight. Although that also might have something to do with me licking glue off my fingers earlier. Unintentionally. More innocent than you may think. While gluing something

Feel It… Feel It!!!

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Have you ever felt invalid? Actually, that’s wrong, I’ll rephrase that… Have you ever made yourself feel like an invalid? If you ever want to, here’s an efficient way. Simply walk to the gym. Using a crutch. Carrying a can of Red Bull. A bottle of water. Your phone. Plus your iPod. And finally, your