#7 – Parrot Joke

Just read this on Twitter…

Your weariness is not an excuse to quit. It is a confirmation that you’re making progress.

Wise words to mull over as you watch today’s video. Let’s just say I’m feeling progressive? Long but mighty night unfortunately mixed with a très early morn!!

And apparently my name was also drip-dropped on BBC Radio One today? Progressive on!

Seven heaven from this succulent new series: Joke of the Day – Wahey!


Pelican – The Maccabees

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  1. Carnspindle
    11 years ago - Reply

    Was driving along this afternoon slowed down by a tractor with a large trailer full of… guess what? Carrots!! So I tried this joke out on my passenger… she loved it. Keep ‘em coming. xx

    • trickaduu
      11 years ago - Reply

      Good work! Keep an eye out for a tractor full of parrots.

      • Carnspindle
        11 years ago - Reply

        ;-) xx

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