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… I pondered, ‘Why the funk am I having thoughts in the form of paragraphs, as if I’m reading them out of a book?’ For about a week, I have been catching myself thinking long, continuous thoughts. Fully formed sentence after fully formed sentence. As if they were written down. Except there is no book in front of me. I might be speaking to someone. Watching t.v. Or DJ’ing. But instead of the usual routine of random thoughts bouncing around aimlessly, subconsciously, they are now coming into my head as ‘As I played the final song for the night, I was quite looking forward to going home. Oh sweet Jesus, I thought to myself, not this woman again, requesting the song I just played for her.’ Instead of simply ‘Can’t wait to go home. Oh no, not you.’ Worse still, words like ‘however’, ‘eventually’, ‘all in all’ and so on, are being used in my head without me purposely doing it. When do you ever purposely think the word ‘however’ without meaning to?! Why I say worse still, is down to the fact that I am now dreaming like this too. Dreaming reels of writing I might have done, or is in my head waiting to come out. Waking up wondering what’s going on.

I’ll take the adjective, sentence laden way of thinking as a sign, that I’m fully immersed in the book writing mode. About time too. Although, it is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, it is perfect at the moment that there is close to absolutely nothing going on, that can distract me from writing. Nothing. Life is slow. DJ’ing is the closest thing. At the same time, having absolutely no distractions whatsoever, makes the little hyper man inside of me, absolutely bursting to let loose in some form. Besides the blog. And going to the gym. Both are great fun. But I imagine there are more fun things to do. Which can wait until the book is finished. Discipline is the silent killer of your soul! Figuratively. Obviously. 


Out of curiosity, does anyone else ever do something as dumb or pointless as this… Usually on a Monday morning, I like to go through the previous week’s to-do list, and tick off the things that were accomplished. And put an X next to those I didn’t quite manage to get around to. For some pointless reason, I found that I like to add things to the list. Things that I have done, but weren’t on the list. ‘I did post that off actually. And I went to the bank. Better put them down.’ Pretty soon I think I’ll be including items such as ‘brush teeth. Eat food.’ Then, straight after writing them down, I put a line through it and give it a tick. Just so I can balance out the ticks, with the X’s. To make myself feel better. Ha, most pointless thing ever. Almost as pointless as this paragraph.

Wie Geht Es Dir?!!!

Although, I can tie it all in. One thing that hasn’t been on my list for the past few weeks, which was actually taken off, was writing out samples of the book in German for my publishers. When I emailed them about three weeks ago to confirm whether they were needed or not, I got no reply. Until today. The samples are needed by the end of this week. In time for the Frankfurt Book Fair next week. Which is fine. Except, getting straight back on the German bike, so to speak, is easier said than done. Even though I have translated and learnt German for years so my German isn’t that bad.

However, the last time I used it was about a year ago. It is a rusty old chain. Really rusty. And, one trick I figured out to fully grasp a language, is to try and think in that language, instead of thinking in English. If you can do that, you probably have cracked the language to a high (eh, sufficient) standard. So, instead of thinking ‘Oh my God, what’s going on?’ I now must program myself into ‘Oh mein Gott in Himmel, was ist los?!’ mode. Which is going to be mighty fun! My dreams are going to be horrific for the next week. Especially when a German girl emailed this video on to me, to help me get back into the German swing of things…


Ha, that’s my cue to go write some German gibberish. Songs on. Vampire Weekend released a new song from their new album today, wuu duu. Click here to download it for free.

Vampire Weekend

Horchata – Vampire Weekend

I forgot to post this as well actually after the Mr. Beat Radio kindly emailed me the link. This album is free to download here. Beat Radio on!

Beat Radio

Closing Scene – Beat Radio

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