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I do believe that more people in Ireland should be on Twitter. And here is why… the number one question I have been asked in a hurry, since I got home, has been – “Are you on Meteor?” (For any none Irish readers, Meteor customers get free phone calls and texts to each other). I have since come up with a handy tactic. If I want to talk to that person, then the answer is yes. If I don’t, then I am not Meteor I’m afraid, why do yo… usually the person has hung up at this stage, so that no more of their credit is wasted. Am I actually on Meteor? Who knows, it depends, ha. The truth is, weirdly enough, my Yank phone, like in Mexico, is free to use in Ireland, so I am really still using that. 

Back to my great point. If more people were on Twitter, they could just text Twitter their group text, e.g Who’s out tonight? One text to Twitter, and they will have reached all their other friends, who are also on Twitter. Including those not on Meteor. I have noticed that some people are no longer friends with each other anymore, or may not have spoken with them in a long, long time, purely based on what network they now are. The big R, huh, a roll-on effect!

Although, it is fair to say that some people are on Twitter. Seeing as a girl I spoke to the other night, told me that she too was watching Neil Young on t.v, playing at Glastonbury (I did a Twitter of how good he was, savage, rocking on!). Anyways, I did get the impression that she was lying to me, perhaps saying it just for the sake of it. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe she did see Neil Young, but seeing as she told me she loved Neil Diamond “He was so good at Glastonbury, I saw your Tweet” Neil Diamond? Are you sure? “Yeah, I love (cue singing voice) – Forever in blue jeans babe – he looked so good at Glastonbury, wish I was there” Neil Diamond? Definitely? “Eh, yeah, Neil Diamond, forever in blue jeans, my favourite…” I think she might have made the story up. But, maybe I’m wrong.

Come to think of it, maybe I’m wrong about a lot of things. I personally think change is good. But maybe I’m wrong. Recently, a guy came up to me who definitely was not a fan of change. I gathered this from “I remember you in school, you’ve changed. What are you up to? When are you going to cop on?” School. Not back in college/university, but back in school (which is another weird thing, in Ireland and Emerica everyone says college, all Europe say university, horrendously pointless point by me really). Not even sure if he was referring to secondary school either, or further back to primary school. We’ll say secondary though. Which would be about 8 years.  Changed in 8 years. What a weird thing to do. When I gave the compliment back, that he had not changed a bit, I could see that this pleased him immensely. Win, win really. Being honest, I only recognized him because of the school jumper he was still wearing. Oh Jesus.

See, maybe I am wrong. Maybe resigning myself to the fact that I have already had the best summer of my life, or the best night of my life, or the best haircut of my life, or have already been with the hottest girl that unreal night when my haircut was unreal, is the way to go. I wish I could go back to those days. They were unreal. Seriously. Greatest ever. Sounds like the better option really.

 Today has been progressive enough, chimping away all day! Ha, the chimp part came from a girl earlier, we’ll call her Theodore, mistaking the word chip, for chimp. In fairness though, chimpmunks and chipmunks are close enough. Maybe it wasn’t a fully productive day actually. Although, in the past few days, a good few innocuous incidents like those above, have got me thinking, and I now have a new light to shine upon the sitcom. A different approach, which is getting good feedback already. From family and friends. Which doesn’t really count. Only the opinionated shrill of a gay man counts these days it seems. They did set that bar high!

Speaking of which, the blog numbers have ballooned in the past few days. Go on the blog! Not too sure why. As in there has been no flogging of its amazing appeal. Obviously, the past few blogaruus have just been superb. Hoviously. Which leads me to believe, that maybe a third light could be shone on the sitcom angle. Perhaps one about a dope sitting around all day Twittering and Spacebooking, while pestering people with emails and phone calls, could be a big, big hit too. I think I may be onto something. Then again, I’ve changed. Maybe not. Who knows? 

Song of this chimpy day…

Vampire Weekend

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Remix) - Vampire Weekend



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  1. Neil Diamond
    14 years ago - Reply

    I played at Glastonbury last year

    • trickaduu
      14 years ago - Reply

      Good work. If only Twitter was around last year. I might have Tweeted you. On stage. Would have been unreal!

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