Enough Talk, More Music!!!

DJigging can be quite perky. Lately I’ve been getting a fair bit of stuff. Free stuff. Wallets. Bags. Runners. Jeans. T-shirts! Perk up. Free on! Between you and I, I also got something else recently… No, not one of them… Merely a brain cloud. Wuu! I joke. Not a fan. Gladly swap for an hour long brain freeze. Not sure where it came from. Happy out, out of the blue, cloudy inside. Foggy kind. Muggy. Muddy. Murky. What what?! Just got all this new free stuff? I mean… T-shirts?! My old flame! My former crack! And yet this cloud is here? Think. New stuff. Everyone likes new stuff! Also have new projects to start on. Just now starting to start them properly. Come on brain, think you whur- Actually… Could it be a… Cloud of uncertainty? Maybe. But why so… ? Well… You must really start those new projects. All spec. From scratch. And you do know that you won’t see bears or their fruit for a few months at least. Oh hello penny… Bears… Fruit… Always hopeful they’ll come quickly. Tut. Not how it works. Balls. Not… Patience time? Self motivate time? All that easier said than done gibber? It is? Balls! Alright. Head down. Discipline on. Not that you can complain either… I know… Projects on! Certainty lives in new t-shirts every week land. But at least the cloud was figured out. Rooted out. Light shining. Fog lifted. Now cleared. Projects started. Some people battle a boss. Others battle their brains. And I did get a mighty silver lining reminder… Unless your head is dancing in Larry land, stuff is pre-tty pointless. Happy always trumps stuff. Which is an amazing revelation. I know! Enough of this gibber. Feel free to leave any comments, tuts, curses, ungrateful ape, give me that stuff so and so forth, below. Anyways, enough talk, more music!

1. Digging Holes – Icarus Himself

Random Useless Fact: Icarus’ father was called Daelus.

2. Crave You – Flight Facilities

R.U.F: Sydney based duo with Giselle Rosettio on vocals! Amazing!!!

3. Love Lost (Keljet Remix) – The Temper Trap

R.U.F: My laptop just crashed. Wuu. Just had to re-write all this gibber. Fun! Facts?

4. Stars (LAZRtag Remix) – The xx

R.U.F: Today is Labor Day. It is late. There are buckets of slick remixes of the xx and the Temper Trap. Hunt on!

5. Animal Rights - Deadmau5 feat. Wolfgang Gartner

R.U.F: Real name is Joel Simmerman. Deadmau5 came from finding a dead mouse in his computer while he was changing his video card. Talked with people in chat rooms. Became known as ‘the dead mouse guy’. However, his user name was too long, so he shortened ‘Dead Mouse’ down to… Guess.

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  1. paul
    11 years ago - Reply

    Liking that Icarus Himself track… Came across it myself on Hypem this morning.

    Found another great one this morning too: http://hypem.com/#/track/1201532/Boys+Noize+-+Yeah

    • trickaduu
      11 years ago - Reply

      Both are pre-tty slick! Hype seems to be a chest of gems, must use that more.

      Did you Electric it up?

    • megan
      11 years ago - Reply

      agreed! great song!

      • trickaduu
        11 years ago - Reply

        She is a dancer. You are back in the blogaruu land!

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