RanDumber. Out Now. Free Book! Happy St. Pa’Tricks Day!

Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

I am quite giddy and also quite tired but both and neither matter. What matters is that RanDumber being available to buy online on Paddy’s Day is now a reality. Oh. Betsy. Dancing! Some day! HAPPY ST. PA’TRICKS HAYES ALL THE WAY!!!

As it stands, it’s available to buy on Amazon.com so far. You. Fecking. Beauty.

If you would like to get the ball rolling and snap a mighty copy up -> GO HERE!

For all the mighty Kindle readers out there -> GO HERE NOW!

Kindle folk in the UK -> YEE HUU!

In celebration of such a mighty occasion, RanDumb (rated #1 on Amazon Humor) shall be free for three days! If you would like that for  free-> GO HERE!

In case you were wondering, a mighty introduction was written by… Well just have a look and see. Duu. For now, I must sleep a bit. Did I tell you I saw Jerry Seinfeld in stand-up a few hours ago. What a show. What a man! Genius. Mighty to see. That is the bar. Could this day be any better?!! I’ll shall be back later with more gibber and a video to boot too. Wuu. Huu. Now go: Pants. Off. Read. On!!!!

Celebration – Kool & The Gang

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  1. Carnspindle
    10 years ago - Reply

    Wuu huu! Book ordered. New video coming as well? I feel that it must be dedicated to those who have already purchased the mighty Randumb-er! That obviously includes me. ;-) Look forward to it on this St Pa’Trick’s Hayes Day! x

    • trickaduu
      10 years ago - Reply

      To be true. Read on!

      • Carnspindle
        10 years ago - Reply

        Oh I’m reading, I’m reading. And it’s sure mighty. Just as I knew it would be. :-D x

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