Short Short Feature Length Short Filum!

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Always On The Run – Yuksek

Last night. Out for dinner. Cecconis. Savage. Banter flowing. Gibbering on about pinned on pony tails popping off or something. Waiter comes to take our order. Time for me to make two calls. First one, mighty: Octopus. Unreal. If ever you go, order the octopus. Betsy. Then, not so mighty: Ordered an espresso martini. DJing all day. Needed a kick. Oh, these are unreal. Have another one? One more? One for the road maybe? And so on. Filling me to the brim with caffeine. Keeping me buzzed all night. Lying in bed. No hope of sleeping. Staring at the ceiling. Goats? Tweaking. Espresso and martini racing through my body. Some. Hoot.

As a result, I got about four wonderfully horrendous hours of sleep. Leaving me depleted today. Walked some errands. Forgot to go to the gym. Ate some food. Non-existant day of writing. Dose. Tut. Need to do something. I know… Why not gibber out my new old idea? You know… Start shooting scenes and the likes once I finish writing this wonderful sequel which you are so eagerly awaiting! Ahem. Get back on the horse. Jump in. How bad could it be?! Ha. Well. Pretty bad, is the answer there I do believe. (Still trying to figure out my hand situation?) Productive day! Short Short Feature Length Short Filum all the way. Oscar. On!!!

Rum’N’ Cocaah Cola – Tim Tim

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  1. Megan
    10 years ago - Reply

    It might be an idea Mark to either get a hair cut or at least comb it! It would suit your image better.What do you think?

    • trickaduu
      10 years ago - Reply

      Not too sure Megan, I might grow it out and put it in two long pigtails?

  2. Megan Younce
    10 years ago - Reply

    HA! That conversation you had with yourself, ahem, THEM, was pretty entertaining. Awesome song at the end too!

    • trickaduu
      10 years ago - Reply

      Ah stop…

      Cheers lady!

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