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Comedy Birthday Central Freebies!

Comedy Birthday Central Freebies!

Money (That’s What I Want) – Barrett Strong In celebration of my day of birth today,

New Free Book Chapter!

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Who Are You? – The Who You know what’s mighty: RanDumb’s now rated #2 on the Amazon Humour charts. Oh. Betsy! You know what’s not so mighty: Toothaches. Almost sent me back to Ireland yesterday. Just so I could go home and hide in my bed until the pain was over. I know, my threshold

Hans In The Hills!

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Busy few days! Float on bee. Bit all over the place. God only knows what I am actually doing though. DJigging has been on. Dancing. Some type of footage was shot yesterday. Must edit. And today… Shot a music video? Variety is the spice! Must get more blogaruus and podcasts up more regularly. Christmas is coming.

Emm… Now? Ladies

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Apologies for the delay. Truly truly sorry. Please accept my deepest apologies. Truly. Let’s try this fun gibber once again. Dumb roll please.. Enjoy le podgaruu!! Hearing Haze: Episode 5 – Ladies… (Right click to download. iPod on!)

Oh Dear Pod…

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In the past two days I have been spilling far too many items. Cups of coffee. Glasses of water. Jugs of milk. Bottles of detergent. Big old pot of boiling soup. All over my hand. The most fun of the lot. Spilling. Everything and everywhere I go. Making me think that perhaps my mind is