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LA State of Mind (And Body)

http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/movies/mind-and-body-you-can-always-look-better-in-la-30524320.html So, one minute you’re at Starbucks in Beverly Hills waiting in line for your skinny café mocha frappe latte gibber, listening to two beautiful girls in tight yoga apple bottom pants talk to each other with their big voluptuous lips about how one uses cider vinegar in her beautiful blond hair and the other


PreDumb Out Now Unofficially On The QT

In case you didn’t know, my new book PreDumb: Before I Came to LA is now out, online so far at least. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, all the usual haunts. Click on the links to go forth and have a gander. Otherwise go into your nearest book store and demand the speed up their orders.

Tropical Hayes!

Tropical Hayes!

For reasons unknown, all names shall be culled from this blogaruu. Except for mine. I’m going full on narcissistic. Tropical Hayes all the way! So it’s the day after Halloween. Actually, the night. Limo pulls up outside my abode. It’s time. Put on my private jet pants. Grab my bag. Scuttle out. Hop in. High fives.


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Sit Down – James “For most writers, there is always a tension between a lived life and a life of writing.” A Hodgkinson Fair point. So after being a hermit for a while, the past two weeks have been spent galavanting. Full. On. Fun! Unfortunately little time spent blogaruuing. Luckily. A picture paints a thousand

How Did Stella Get Her Groove Back… ?

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Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) – Phoenix Just got back from DJigging a big charity event. Also known as a D lister party. D-listers. D-lusters. Reality show heads. Famous ex-wives. People in commercials. Rich old men. Young empty women. Desperate older women, out looking for husbands. Empty. Vapid. Fake. Gift bags. Mighty fun! Thank funk I

Should I Call It… Why Work A Job You Don’t Even Like? Or… Are You Insane?

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Fly With You (Benny Benassi Mix) - Chicco Secci & Graham Wheeler Blog break for a few days. Dose. Although. Miami. Private jet. Dancing!? Betsy!

Man. Up. Stand. Up. Up. & Away!

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Finishing the book is the goal at the momento. The only goal. Revising, chopping, writing, editing, cluelessness… a mighty hoot! Although, I’ve realised I’m not really a fan of reading back over all my mistakes to be true, ha. Onwards and upwards. And at various points I’ve at least recognised a need to focus. Recognition.

Owen’s Bad. You’re Worse.

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Now that I have detoxed from all the booze from the first three days, I can see the light again. About time. Ditched my enemy. Out to sabotage me. Doing his best to freak me out. Good old Owen. He did well yesterday. If Saturday to Tuesday were the best cluster of days I’ve had

Enough Talk, More Writing

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Life in L-Heeeey is weird as funk. Cool as funk but highly odd and full of nuts. As some chick told me the other night, people in LA are like granola bars…flakes, fruits or nuts. She thought I was a fruit, ha. Another odd thing is the weather, I had no idea it rained here,