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Today, I had a bit of an epiphany. While out for lunch celebrating my sister’s Leaving Cert results, as I realized what was going on around me, I finally saw the funny side of how my life is panning out at the moment. Pretty funking funny. To me, at least. Laugh at, laugh with, laughable? There is no other way to look at it, just as long as some sort of laughing is involved. Especially when it seems like you are having lunch in what felt like an old folk’s home. For whatever reason, besides my parents, sister and myself, the rest of the clientele at the restaurant in the hotel were O.A.P’s. A few were just dozing off while eating their food. Conversations were trailing off into the wilderness. People were saying hello and goodbye to the same people every two minutes, perhaps forgetting that they had just met.

Immediately I got flashbacks of my Spring Break fiasco, where I stayed in a similar style old folk’s home/hotel in Mexico. Big difference being, it was Mexico, and only short term. At the moment, this is my life! And will be for another few weeks. I am dining with retired folk, discussing the lovely beef, admiring the fine portions they gave us. It has yet to make an appearance, but surely gardening will be on my to-do list soon enough. All jokes aside, if you were to ask me on the day I got my Leaving Cert results, would I be in this situation now, I would have probably laughed. And said hopefully, yes. Please God. Good to know that my life plan is on track!

In a similar vein, last Thursday a buddy was down in Cork for a night from Dublin. We mulled over the thought of going out on that night. Even though we wouldn’t be in town until 12 bells (it was a late idea), for a while we half fooled ourselves that something amazing might potentially happen. However, do you know what swayed me to stay in… ? My Mum asking me would I like a cup of tea! My buddy was just after sending me a text, saying he was 50/50 about going out, my call. What to do? Which do I choose? A cup of tea? Or a night out in Cork? Best case scenario for option B “Yeah, it was grand”. Or, a nice cup of tea, which you know will not disappoint? Easy option, tea on! 

Anyways, the epiphany did me good today. I can’t help but laugh, and look forward to see what else springs out from my current daily way of life. My sense of humour is back fully I do believe. Which helped in my daily work today. The work of studying sitcoms, unlocking their formula, and using them to improve upon what I have done for my one so far. As far as I remember, that too would have been on the tip of my tongue the day I got my Leaving Cert results, if you had asked me what I’d be up to in a few years time.

Wrapping up, seeing as I am going up to do stand-up in Dublin again tomorrow, I needed to work on new material. Otherwise I was just going to go with a rant about the current state of Irish radio. Which would have been great. Thankfully, the seeds for new material are kind of above, in case you were wondering. Probably not. The train ride up tomorrow will be used to plump them out. Throw in pointless cursing too for some reason. And, obviously I’ll be adding in the really funny parts and hilarious punch lines then as well. I held them back. Obviously. Re de de, I am looking forward to bombing on stage, it has been far too long!

Song on, after the hectic and frantic pace of that blogaruu, a more chilled affair…

Banjo Or Freakout

Upside Down – Banjo Or Freakout

And secondly, a magnificent opening beat…

Vampire Weekend

Ottoman – Vampire Weekend

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  1. Krin
    15 years ago - Reply

    Where’s my daily dose boss

    • trickaduu
      15 years ago - Reply

      On the way boss, just back from Tipperary so I’ll work some magic now!

  2. Krin
    15 years ago - Reply

    Good man boss, it’s the highlight of my day these days.

    • trickaduu
      15 years ago - Reply

      Better late than never boss, read on!

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