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As far as weekends go, this one has been pretty different. Break from the abnorm. Different location. San Fran. Different buzz. Cousin’s wedding. Different group. All Irish. Almost. All family. Almost. Big crowd made the trip from Irland. Smugglers. Bags of tea. Bottles of fake tan. Hello old foe. Different. Mighty. My parents were over. First time boozing with my younger sister. First time experiencing random guys not knowing it was my younger sister. Which was different. Different different. First time seeing the power of ‘I Gotta A Feeling’. Cult like. All ages. Breaking down barriers. Stampede to the dance floor. Drunk. Sober. Young. Old. Dance on! Or. Stand at the bar. Watch them dance. Both pretty Irish.

If Bad. Why Tip?

You can take the wedding out of Ireland, but you can’t take the Irish out of the weeding. Or however that goes. Unless it’s on a beach, Irish weddings appear to be constant. Particularly the morning part. Controlled confusion. Weather. Humid. Raining. Looks like it’ll ease off. Drizzling. Three minutes later. Full on raining. Repeat. Irish all the way. Hotel to the church. No one really sure what was going on. Where exactly the church was. How to get there. Why is this cab man blatantly taking us the wrong way? Streets are numbered! Finally. Find the church. Nerves. Tears. Kick off. Wedding. Mighty. Groom’s phone rang. Almost mid ‘I do’. You may kiss the bride… Mr & Mrs White! Photos. Ham sandwiches. Washed down with buckets of booze. Main meal. Speeches. Health. Happiness. Followed by. Buckets of booze. Bar ran out of beer at 9 o’clock. Tut tut. Refill. Music. DJ. Black Eyed Peas took care of the rest. Full on. Irish wedding.

In fairness to our weird race, Irish folk can be as genuine as you could possibly ask for. Except maybe the handful who eyed me with suspicion. While repeatedly asking ‘You’re their cousin? You?’. I could see what they genuinely wanted to say by the look on their face ‘Are you the quare of the family so?’  Fair enough, waffling did come into play over the weekend. However. At least it was the good kind of gibberish. Funny kind. Waffle in L.A with people you don’t know is the draining kind. People spinning the most basic of things. Such as. What do you do? In hope you can be used somehow to get ahead. 
Hidden agendas. This weekend. Agenda. Only one. Out in the open for all to see. Have. A. Laugh.

Shuuut Up

Laugh was had. However, at times, there were also a few nervous ones thrown in. Along with a few inner cackling ones. Not so good. Such as. Shoe shopping. For the wedding. Basic enough. Although I’ve had shoe issues before. Finally realised. If I have a choice to make. That has little consequence. Especially when hungover. I struggle. Exhaust every possible outcome. Of the decision. Mind weighs. Races. Confuses. Back and forth. Numerous shoes. Just has to go with the suit. Ended up. In circles all over downtown. Picking. Best choice. Worst choice. Scenario. Best case. Worst case. Basket case. Reminding myself why I don’t like shoes.

Will I not just buy another dark pair of runners? Or how about this white suit shoes? White is might. This one? That one? I can’t remember the last time I wore shoes. Graduation? Not a fan. So should I buy a pair just to wear once now? Any old pair really. Could give them away afterwards. Is that not a waste? Or just buy a good pair that I might wear in the future? If so, I might as well buy a pair I like. Better go look again. What do I like? Oh yeah. I forgot. I don’t like shoes. Especially when I think I just re-broke a toe or two squeezing into that pointed pair. Asking sales assistants. Asking security guards. Asking other people shopping. What do you think? Which ones. Which shoe? Tell me. Tell me what to do?! Getting told. Shuu.

Now Hiring

Finally. Bought a pair. First pair I tried on. About 3 and 1/2 hours earlier. Mighty work by me. Mighty. Reminded me of the steak or salmon conundrum I struggled with recently. My cousin just chose that for me. Steak. Great choice. Shoes. My Dad was the one who helped me out. Great choice. I’m quite an ape. Need to hire a decision maker. Before I melt down. Great story. Nice. And. Pointless. Warning sign though. Unfortunately. Day after the wedding. Shoe incident would pale in comparison. Completely. First though. I need a cup of tea. Songs on…

Holiday – Vampire Weekend

I Sing I Swim – Seabear

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