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And Now… Balls

And Now… Balls

Dec 01, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing0 Comments

In Love, Not Limbo – Of Oceans Usually, around this time of year, you might hear the following conversation… Brida - Seamas - How orr you? Era shur… Gearing up for the holidays? Era shur… Ah to be sure? Era shur. Divil a bit, divil a bit. So usually you would hear that conversation an

Deliria… I’m En Route!

Dec 29, 2009LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings2 Comments

At the moment, three things kind of annoy me a good little tad. Uno… The word ‘lol’. A pointless word to fill a gap if ever I have read one. Lol. Deux… People who keep putting “everything, they think, is profound, into quotation marks”. And three… that bars close so early in L.A. I won’t

Wigs, Wine & Weirdos

Dec 28, 2009LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings3 Comments

Horrendous is the best word I could use to describe the response for the 12 pubs of Christmas. Calling a spade a shovel, there was close to zero interest. Maybe I should’ve explained the concept more when I was sending out the rallying cry. One person thought it was just a spam email. Even after


Dec 24, 2009Uncategorized2 Comments

Tonight is all about random ramblings. As of late, I have been pretty cooped up. And when I’m cooped up, I find my gibberdish begins to over-flow. Flowing beyond belief tonight. Although that also might have something to do with me licking glue off my fingers earlier. Unintentionally. More innocent than you may think. While gluing something

Feel It… Feel It!!!

Dec 22, 2009LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings0 Comments

Have you ever felt invalid? Actually, that’s wrong, I’ll rephrase that… Have you ever made yourself feel like an invalid? If you ever want to, here’s an efficient way. Simply walk to the gym. Using a crutch. Carrying a can of Red Bull. A bottle of water. Your phone. Plus your iPod. And finally, your

Thanks For The… Fruit?

Nov 26, 2009Music, Random Ramblings, Writing4 Comments

Technically, today is Thanksgiving. Still the eve or the night before really as I still haven’t slept, but technically, it is Thanksgiving. On another technical note, it is also Thursday. Still feels like a Wednesday, but technically Thursday. Try as I might, all tomorrow will be for me, is Thursday. That I have a feeling

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