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Tonight is all about random ramblings. As of late, I have been pretty cooped up. And when I’m cooped up, I find my gibberdish begins to over-flow. Flowing beyond belief tonight. Although that also might have something to do with me licking glue off my fingers earlier. Unintentionally. More innocent than you may think. While gluing something together, a lot of glue got on my fingers. Needing to quickly wipe it off, I quickly licked it off. Perhaps thinking it was cream. Innocent. Still dumb.

Anyways, good things actually come about from an over-flowing gibberdish. Even more so when my brain starts to kick in. Which usually happens either just before I’m about to fall asleep, or when I’m in the shower. Tonight it was clean and creative time. Epiphanies popping up all over the shop. Yelps of ‘Wuu duu’ for joy in the shower. Book related. Extra workload related. Evolution. All good. Pre-glue. So even better.

Miss Miss Miss

Before I was kind of courting a rather good looking girl. I say this with confidence, as she had a few awards backing her up. I Miss her. I don’t really. I also use the word courting when describing a situation with a girl that was kind of ambiguous. Weren’t going out. Not really serious or anything. Not that I knew of anyways. Also wasn’t too prolonged. Nice girl. Really sound actually. However, nice and sound are never really enough. Need to be ticking more boxes than nice, sound and good looking. A well crafted doorbell could tick those boxes. Oh Jesus. Personally, I’m still aiming to tick at least one of those boxes myself. Hopefully. Someday. Struggling. 

Something which at the time I wasn’t the greatest fan of, was the fact that she remembered everything about a night out. Didn’t drink. A drop. Ever. Remembered. Everything. You said this. Then said that. You did this. Wasn’t great. Then you tried to do that. Even worse. Then you went back to doing this. Better than that at least. Alright! Enough, I don’t want every single detail. I prefer a selective memory. At the time, I thought it annoyed me. However, I now realise I do the exact same thing. Almost. Only difference being, I do drink. Sober and remember everything. Her talent. Drunk and remember almost everything. My curse. Perhaps we were too alike. The real reason it never went past the courting stage.

Iris Merrick

All of this leads me to more ramblings. Lately, I was faced with a tough task. Very tough. I wanted to get a thank you gift of some kind. For The Man. A small token for all the generosity. However, what can you get someone who has everything?! A difficult task. A bottle of something? Kind of pointless. (I could be wrong, but let’s work with the assumption I’m not). Chocolates? You don’t really give chocolates to a guy as a present, do you? I thought not, so went with the more manly gift… Flowers! What kind of flowers? Irises. Obviously. Why so? A bunch of irises, from, Irish Mark. Get it?! Mark?! Flowers?! I mean…

Flowers ordered online. Also ordered a balloon with them. A mighty gift. And a confusing gift, as it turned out. The Man gets back to his hotel room. Sees the flowers. Sees the balloon attached. And what it says on the balloon. Needs to take a seat. JBT, his better half, gets a bit emotional. Also needs to sit down. The Man calls his daughter to come into the room (my buddy’s girlfriend… my buddy… Charlie Lotta as her blog name shall now be) and starts to get a bit teary eyed. We got your gift. We know – Know what? – You’re pregnant. I’m going to be a Grandad! – Eh, pardon me? What present? – The flowers… with the balloon… saying ‘Congrats! It’s A Girl!!!’ Your way of telling us you’re pregnant? – I’m actually not pregnant. And I believe those are from Irish Mark. Read the card.

Dr Greg Delivered Tatukuu?

See if the card had been read first, then the confusion might have been avoided. Although, I never read the fine print either. That the flowers I ordered may not be the ones that get delivered. So a bouquet of daisies were actually delivered instead of irises. Ruined my great plan from the start. As there was also an ounce of logic behind the balloon saying ‘Congrats! It’s A Girl!!!’

I remembered that the night before, at the latter, more drunk stages of the night, it had cropped up somehow, as a joke, that someone, could quite possibly have fathered a child in Africa. A girl. Who I christened Tatukuu. (?) But that was the reason why the card had said, ‘Congrats again on the news about Tatukuu. You know who to turn to if you need a godfather…’ or something to that effect. However, no-one else had remembered any of this, so it all had to be explained. Which is great. Explaining your jokes. Just great.

See, an ounce of logic. Now. If someone could just explain to me, where Dr Greg, The Porn Horse, came from, we’d be dancing! I did warn that my gibberdish was over-flowing! That was actually an attempt as well to shorten my blogaruu posts. Went well. I think it may be down to being a bit pumped. Seeing as finally, finally, a Christmas buzz has gripped me! Pumped. Christmas buzz on! 12 Pubs tomorrow on Christmas Eve. Different, but I have faith it shall be mighty! Murray Christmas!!!

Answer To Yourself – The Soft Pack

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  1. Cary
    14 years ago - Reply

    Damn this was a lot of gibberdish! But good gibberdish! Forget the short blogs, ramble on!!

    Happy 12 pubs of Christmas!

    • trickaduu
      14 years ago - Reply

      As Led says… Ramble on!

      12 Pubs of Christmas all the way!!!

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