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America’s Worst Housing Crisis. Ever.

May 09, 2014Uncategorized1 Comments

The Walker – Fitz & The Tantrums So in the past seven days I’ve gotten four parking tickets and one towing of my car. Grand total of $500 worth of fines, give or take a punch in the wall. Nice chunk of change. Even more fun was being towed from an area that isn’t a

Yeah… Gay Porn.

Sep 14, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, More Music!!!, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing4 Comments

Cornflake Boy (Solomun Vocal Remix) - Marbert Rocel So earlier today I had a mighty meeting. Mighty man. Who also just happens to be a tres successful producer. TV. Movies. All those kind of likes. Mighty mighty! First time in  Soho House too. Savage venue. Plush. Lush. Gush… I could go on and on about the


Jul 20, 2011Hollywood, LA Living, Music, Randumb Book, Writing4 Comments

Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce Carmaggedon: Some spoof. Never seen the roads so quiet. Hollywood hype! Waste of a shotgun. End of the world will have to wait. Me: Some idiot. Have you ever tried to take shortcuts, even though you’ve never been in the place before? Some clown. Driving back from a gig

How I Nailed An Audition With My Head!

Feb 10, 2011Acting, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

Cinema – Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go One thing I oddly rarely do is auditing. Which is odd. Since growing up I wanted to be an auditor. True. Read my book prologue. If it’s in that, you know it’s the truth! Another thing I oddly rarely do is audition. Which is odd. Since I live

TGIFTG… Turkey On!

Nov 29, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Stand-Up, Writing2 Comments

Rollin’ & Scatchin’ (Chilly Gonzales Rework) – Daft Punk While Ireland is being battered by all angles at home, it seems, I too have some important news to start off with: Got a hair cut this week. As opposed to a haircut. Hairdressers truly do baffle me. Ask for one thing, forced to deal with the

Oh Dear Pod…

Nov 24, 2010LA Living, Podcast, Random Ramblings, Randumb Book0 Comments

In the past two days I have been spilling far too many items. Cups of coffee. Glasses of water. Jugs of milk. Bottles of detergent. Big old pot of boiling soup. All over my hand. The most fun of the lot. Spilling. Everything and everywhere I go. Making me think that perhaps my mind is

Y’s Up. Owl On.

Apr 27, 2010Acting, LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

One week ago, I realised two things. One. My bedroom is the quietest place ever created. My pillow screams at me. That kind of quiet. Too quiet to sleep. That kind of quiet. Tough life, I know. Seriously though. Come sleep in my bed. The quietness is deafening. Tough life. Moving on. Secondly. I’ve slipped.

Busy, Fool? Nope. Pity Fool.

Apr 02, 2010Uncategorized0 Comments

White pudding. Black pudding. Slightly different. At the same time. Both pudding. Today reminded me of this fact. Lined up to be a mighty day. By mighty, I mean productive. Being an ediot looks like it could be over. For the time being. Final edits of the book emailed in yesterday. Probably no more. That’s

Pea? Emm. Yes!

Feb 27, 2010Uncategorized0 Comments

Great news! I’ve found a new place to do it. In the bathroom. Mighty spot. Still a big fan of the shower. Big fan. Bed is a good place as well, of course. Just that I don’t last as long there. Fatigue is an issue. If I manage to get a quick burst, I do

Simple… Steak. Or. Salmon?

Jan 29, 2010LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

One recent day, I realised something of insignificant importance. As in very little. Especially when you go day to day. If I was to go year to year, however, it might be something. Either way, I suppose, nonetheless, a thing of some note. Roughly, it’s been about one year since I set off on my