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Hollywood Hayes

Hollywood Hayes – Homesick

“Do you miss Ireland? Would you ever move back? Are you homesick? Come on, move on home!” is something Irish folk (my parents) ask me all the time. My answer is always the same: Nah. Except, there were three times I did wish I was back home. Like that time I ran out of money.

Connie & The Connor

Dec 15, 2009LA Living, Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

After a mighty night on Friday, I woke up early-ish Saturday to play a DJ gig with my buddy. Slowly opening my eyes expecting to see the gin monkey lurking. However, oddly, nowhere to be seen. As in nowhere whatsoever. In fact, I was dancing. Normal hangover. Tired. Flash points of incidents coming back throughout

Super? Really? No

Oct 21, 2009Music, Random Ramblings, Writing2 Comments

No clue why, but I seem to have a fair few superstitions. Somehow I’ve managed to build up an eclectic bundle. Although I’m not fully sure if they even are superstitions. I think it may be OCD, but self diagnosis doesn’t really hold much weight. For example, the volume on the t.v or the radio

Simply The Yes!

Sep 08, 2009Ireland, Music, Random Ramblings0 Comments

Some call it a meteoric rise. Others call it idiotic. Most know nothing about it. I am referring, obviously, to my DJ career of late. Here is where I insert a laugh, to show I obviously don’t mean the part about the meteoric rise. So, em, ha, joking. I must admit, there are many pluses